This agreement is between Crawford Boyd and ________________, and applies to their jointly written song composition: ___________________________________


  1.  ______________________ agrees to pay for the cost of a professional demo of this song – $________________
  2. Crawford Boyd agrees that if the song is recorded and makes any money, his initial royalties will go back to _______________________ to cover the demo and other costs involved in promoting the song.  Any costs beyond  the demo costs must be provided to Crawford Boyd in writing with receipts.  Crawford Boyd does not agree to pay any additional costs for the song except for it’s promotion to potential artists.  These expenses do not apply if the song is published by an outside publisher.  Any expenses after the song is professionally recorded and released are not covered.
  3. Crawford Boyd makes no claim to any publishing rights.
  4. ___________________________ has the right to publish the song and/or seek a publisher.
  5. Crawford Boyd will go along with any decisions __________________ thinks wise for the placement of the song.
  6. _____________________________ and Crawford Boyd agree to share the writer’s share equally. (50/50)
  7. Both parties agree that when the composition is copyrighted, _________________ shall be credited with the lyrics and Crawford Boyd shall be credited with the music.
  8. This is the full and complete agreement between both parties regarding this song composition.                                                          ______________________________________________________ Crawford Boyd                              Date                                 ______________________________________________________                                                                      Date